1344 W. Old Lincoln Way, Wooster, OH

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  • Address:  1344 W. Old Lincoln Way, Wooster, Ohio
  • Listing Status: LEASED
  • County: Wayne
  • Price: $3,500.00 a month, plus utilities
  • Lot Size:  Approximately 1.5 Acres
  • Sq Ft:  Total of 13,584
  • Property Description:  This property offers two buildings with plenty of parking. Building #1 is 8,400 sq. ft. total with 1,200 sq. ft. as retail space and 7,200 sq. ft. as a service bay area with a 14 ft. garage door.  Building #2 is 5,184 sq. ft. and has two garage doors (12 ft and 10 ft).  This property is outside of the city limits so there is no zoning.
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