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Auction Information

We at Gant Realty believe that a properly conducted auction is still the best way to market property. An auction brings interested and potential buyers to one location at one time which creates competitive bidding for the property.

As commodity prices for grains continue strong, the land market has also stayed strong and has even risen in the last 24 months. With this, we have seen and increase in the number of investors buying land at this time. The most frequent statement from the investors, or those with money in the bank, is that current interest rates are not showing a good return, whereas land continues to be a solid investment.

An auction also brings qualified buyers who have the money or can get the money. A 10% nonrefundable deposit day of auction tells us the buyer is serious. The majority of the land auctions close in 30-60 days, depending upon any final surveys that would need need to be done.

Our job is to contact potential buyers, advertise and promote the auction, and have a successful auction for the seller. We handle all the details from start to finish. 

Terms Of Auction

A 10% non-refundable deposit will be required from the high bidder the day of the sale. Properties will be so “As Is”/”Where Is” Condition with no warranties or guarantees. We assume bidders will have inspected the property and know what they are bidding on. It shall be the sole responsibility of the Buyer to determine the condition of the property and any improvements on the property and its suitability and desirability for Buyer’s needs. The Purchase Contract will have no financing clause. We assume bidders have the funds, or have been approved by a bank for financing, to buy the property and will be able to close in approximately 30 days.